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Matthew Anderson

Founder . Owner . Videographer

Matthew Anderson graduated from Assiniboine Community College specializing in the Media Arts and taking a special interest in Videography. But his passion for Film and Visual Story Telling started a long time before he ever decided he wanted to go back to school. For as long as he could remember he has always had a strong attraction and curiosity to Film and the art of Film Making. Dedicating his time towards the love of film, he consumed himself with learning the tricks and tips of the trade and how to create and compose a good video. Finally, Matthew decided to follow his passion and go back to school to learn the ins and outs of Videography and hone his craft. When it came time to graduate, he had acquired all the necessary skills to start his own production company.


What makes Baron & Craft Productions different from the others? One word: “Variety.” B&C Productions holds true to their slogan when they say “Making videos for any and everything.” Whether it be weddings, fashion, corporates, promotions, documentary, creative film or anything you can put your mind to. If you can think it, we can film it. Our cinematic shooting style creates a unique and interesting look to your video making it stand out and original.